New Year/ New Knee!

This is the year I finally decided it was time to deal with my bone on bone arthritis. After last June, working the Wells Street Art Festival, barely able to walk at the end of the show, the physical toll of working a weekend festival was a reality check. I couldn’t keep getting cortisone shots every three months if I wanted to continue to work art festivals. I was going to have to accept that I inherited arthritic knees (thanks, Dad) and with the cartilage gone, knee replacements were the only answer to improve strength and quality in my active life.

Tuesday is the day, and finally I am at peace. The past month I have not been able to focus on new paintings but I have been able to photograph new inspiration for my upcoming classes at the North Shore Art League.

Thumbnail images for class

I plan on teaching from home the first three weeks on Zoom for the pastel class, starting February 2. Class info is available here –

I am not allowed to drive for 6 weeks post surgery, and that may be the hardest part about the recovery! I am also teaching encaustic painting but due to safety measures, an online Zoom class doesn’t fit especially for beginners. I decided to offer a shortened version of in person only classes starting February 24 when I’ll be cleared to drive. Class info is available here –

The last few paintings I did in December were a form of art therapy for me, small encaustic paintings that revealed inner turmoil combined with the natural flow and serenity of water.

mixed media on board
8” x 10”
Calm of Water
mixed media on board
8” x 10”
Fog Over Galloupes Point
mixed media on board
12” x 12”

When knee replacement is behind me, I think a trip to someplace tropical with crystal clear turquoise water and white sand beaches will be in order!