Summer at the Lake

soft pastel on Pastelbord
8″ x 10”

I’ve never been much of a beach person, I’ve always preferred swimming in a chlorinated pool! This summer has been different though, I’ve been inspired to be in nature, craving a walk along the beach, looking through the tall grasses and finding art inspiration. These visits to Lake Michigan have led me to a new series of pastel paintings, soft pastel combined with gesso, created with bold textures and lots of dimension.

Sunlit Pathway
soft pastel on Pastel Premier panel
9″ x 12”
Beach Shadows
soft pastel & gesso on Pastelbord
8″ x 10”

As I continue to paint with and learn about soft pastels, I am motivated and excited to share this new work. I have started looking for the right venue that will host a solo exhibition. If I am lucky, this will come together sooner rather than later.

Millard Beach
soft pastel on Pastel Premier panel
9″ x 12”
Rocky Coastline
soft pastel & watercolor on Arches
12″ x 12”

My years of living in New England also have contributed to the inspiration and desire to paint the water, sand, and sky. I believe it’s the same feeling of serenity… the waves… that is universal to visiting any large body of water located almost anywhere in the world!

While the summer progresses, I will continue to wander the local beaches, photographing the places that connect to my painterly self, and hope to share news of a solo exhibition in the coming months.